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Q1: How can entering Uoolu+?
Register: http://plus.uoolu.com, choose your role as ‘Developer’ or ‘Agent’ and click the ' Free Application’, then fill out your information.
1) Personal Information: The user account manage person’s name、Email address、Mobile phone number、WeChat account、Job position、Photo of Name card.
2)Company Information: Company name、Company address、Company profile、The photo of company license. After Uoolu approval, applicant will receive a message and email inform account was open up, and the notification including login password.
Q2: If a company have more than one user accounts?
A company can have multiple user accounts, but it must be register by different email address. Login into the role’s workbench and operate all functions under the role.
Q3: How many benefits when Developer/Agent entering Uoolu+ can get?
FIVE privileges:
1) No threshold, register for free
2) Exclusive company homepage, comprehensive face to Chinese market proceed branding.
3) Publish house or services for free, and obtain clients from Uoolu platform.
4) Developer and Project all have opportunity join Publicity and Promotional Events of Uoolu, obtain vast exposure opportunities.
5) Exclusive translator help you update and translate project information.
Q4: system function of Uoolu+?
Provide Intelligent background for enter company:
1) Publish house resource: Publish new project for free, Developer only need get approved from Uoolu, then uploading project information online. Besides, new quality project has a chance acquire a high-quality advertising position from Uoolu platform, and China 6 mass flow Web Portals exposure opportunities.
2) Clients management: FrontPage exclusive company homepage contribute to Developer’s proceed branding.in China market, and full display project information、preferential rank of list page、affluent page recommended entrance at all levels.
Q5: Developer/Agent How to publish property project?

1) Login Uoolu+ User account.
2) Click ‘Publish house resource’, fill out details information, notarize submit publish.
3) Waiting for Uoolu approve the project information, maximum 2 working days.
4) When the project get approved, if necessary, Uoolu will support translate project information into Chinese and proofreading it.
5) Succeed publish information, the project will promptly exhibition on Uoolu platform.
Q6: Does the integrated of project information will affect marketing effect?
YES. The more integrated of project information, the more front page promotion position you will get. And Number of photos、project information all will help your project obtain more clients attention.
Q7: When completed publish project information on Uoolu+, why it not appears on front page?
When user submit publish house resource information, they need waiting for approval examine and verify, during this time, published information will not show on front page. When the project get approved, this project will synchronously present to corresponding page of PC、WAP、APP etc.
Q8: How to check and manage published house project?
Login Uoolu+ User account, click ‘House Listing’, you can check published house project on the list page. Exhibited house resource including pending house project and published house project.
Q9: If can choose not exhibit published project on house listing page?
YES. If the project was sell out, Uoolu+ support set up the project as ‘Sold Out‘,thus on front page will not show any information about this project. At same time, on the house listing page , the project will also shows as ‘Sold out’.
Q10: How to check all clients’ information of each project?
After login user account, click ‘client management’, then will enter into client management page. On this page, you can check all willing clients, via search client’s name、passport number or ID number、project number、time of put on records etc. to filtrate display information.
Q11: How to alter personal information?
You can alter personal information on ‘personal center’ page, like alter nickname of user account and head portrait, and complete company information (register email address not support to change).
Q12: Who can contact if encounter any problems when use Uoolu+?
If there any problems, you can via following 3 ways to contact us, our support staff will contact you as soon as possible:
1. Search answers at ‘Help Center’.
2. Support center number: 400-666-2316 ext 5
3. Contact email: service@uoolu.com